Our Story

Breaking bread, bringing warmth and all kinds of deliciousness for over 100 years.

It all began back in 1918 with a horse and cart, a single bag of flour and a dream of bringing the best baked goods to everyone.

You can see it in every single that thing we prepare. Whether it’s a pie, a loaded sandwich, a soup or salad, cake or pastry it is sure to make your mouth water in anticipation. And of course you can taste it in every fresh, yummy, crispy, flaky, sweet or savoury bite you take into our breakfasts, lunches, dinners, famous sourdough bread or delicious treats. Food prepared brilliantly, simply and with a lot of love, the way it has been for generations.

Photo of Bakery car
Horses Pulling the Bakery Cart

Perhaps, most importantly, you can feel it. A warmth that comes not just from the ovens, but from the people themselves. People that love bringing you food that

brings smiles, mmmm’s and sighs of satisfaction. Who make everyone feel welcome, whether they’re staying for a while, grabbing a meal, snack or treat on the

run or even driving through one of our drive through stores. Because if you are here you are part of the Stevenson family story. A story that's still being written.


Today we’re as passionate as ever about bringing communities food that brings people together. Plus we’re always creating new ideas that

are sure to become tomorrow’s favourites. We’re committed to the kind of food that’s made simply, honestly and always to scrumptious perfection.

Always served with a big smile because everyone is welcome here.

They say it takes a village, we say it takes a Village Bakehouse.

Village Bakehouse Dubbo Exterior

Wheat Sheath


Wheat Sheath